so, further to the post on the barn roastery last week, I did crumble and snake one while there…minimalist aesthetic, which I dig…but what do you get? quite a lot! rather than a ½ lb bag, or similar you get 6 small (resealable) pouches of the different coffees they have… each pouch is 35g (a shade under 1½ ounces?)tasting notes for all the coffees, along with brewing guides depending on how you make your coffeethere’s also a tote bag (and I’m a sucker for a nifty tote – see Li Lo Coffee Roasters!)the coffees…the nifty tote!

I’ve not tried any of the coffees (yet! almost finished my Algerian haul, so it’s next up!) but I think that this is a really, really neat idea and I think that several places here should really take a leaf* outta the barn’s book…

* or, y’know, just swipe it.