The Pastry Section is a new café/cake shop in Stockbridge… (just along from Artisan Roast) and while sauntering centre-wards we stopped off for a cuppacakes!coffee counter own coffee and #ontrend mini cacti foliagemore foliagetea, coffee & flapjack of disappointment… okay, it was a nice flapjack, but… well, Umeko put it best over on instagram (It annoys the hell out of me when the only vegan option is sodding flapjack or an oat slice. That ain’t cake… just because I’m vegan don’t mean I don’t want a good old slice of gooey cake. Also it’s not hard to do…)

wise words (wise lady!)cappucino with soy… oh, and the tea is courtesy of Edinburgh Tea & Coffee, which is neat

so, yeah… if you’re not vegan, the cakes look nice. if you are? have an acceptably nice flapjacks